Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Designers Marketplace....M'boro Town hall THIS SUNDAY!!!

Well witchmountain and i will be featuring at Designers marketplace this sunday. Selling handmade Christmas goodies, including dresses from african fabrics (materials imported by moi!) and made by my good self, laser cut limited edition Christmas decorations, and unusual jewellries that really are one off, happy accidents, which cannot be repeated even if i wanted to!!
For visuals, see below!....

these images are a mere SAMPLE of what will be on offer at the weekend!!

Love and peace xxxx

All imagery copyright of Lindsey Murray 2010

Sunday, 7 November 2010

hello! remember me?!

Sorry it's been about a million years since i last blogged! i'm still living in Africa, Tanzania to be exact and the tine is wizzing by me.... it'd turning up the heat here now, so hot a spend my days dashing from shady spot to shady spot....

it's my graduation in a couple of weeks so i'm uk bound for that. i feel really important when i get to say i'm a qualified designer! it all seems to unreal!!.... continuing on the topic of design, i received an email last week from a company who i did some design work for before jetting to Africa. i had all but given up on ever hearing anything but alas-an email of positives came my way.... i can't say more yet though-it's a secret!!

design was something i never thought Tanzania to be awash with opportunities for, but this time i've been completely amazed at just how many businesses there are here producing some of the most beautiful designs i've ever seen. I'm still finding it as inspirational as ever here, and accidentally today i stumbled upon this website, www.loveliveafrica.com and i've been sat here for ages just listening to the music and looking at the images. If you're going to look at that link, you must also read Witchmountains latest blog on life on the North Yorkshire Moors, England.
(image below, of Tanzania, not the English moors!!)

So i'm really not sure life can get much better?! you tell me! everywhere i look here i find my sight full of an image that is worthy of a photograph, whether it's women carrying unbelievable loads on their heads, or a misty, sleepy mountain in the early morning sunshine....
love and peace xx