Thursday, 26 January 2012

see me on facebook!!

Please please please see the link here, for recent work of mine via facebook! it seems to be where i'm updating most at the moment!
here's a small preview though, this collection is based on africa love, maasai tribe language and fabrics and beautiful, beautiful africa pattern. 
3x4 inch mini canvas' inspired my traditional maasai clothes for men

'i love you' in maasai

Thursday, 8 December 2011

i know i'm useless....

i know i'm useless.... but i am going to make a blog post which is more beautiful and shiny than ever before soon!

Lindsey  xx

Sunday, 16 October 2011

less words....more pictures....

hello again!

The weather here in Arusha is still all moody and rainy, the mountain was beautiful sunshine at the bottom this afternoon with a complete storm going on at the top! anyway, Gordon the dog and i are just relaxing and uploading more imagery from the fashion show if you care to take a look....

ps. the fashion show is going on tour soon, to the commercial capital, Dar Es Salaam....

Firstly here's a little video of Gordon hiding by the fence avoiding the flies!

 Super mini-hand dyed and beaded....
detail of beaded waistband-one week=one skirt....
short waistcoat, beading detail & red 3/4 length skirt detail....
multi-functional accessory-belt, wrist band, choker scarf, tasseled and beaded dyed goat leather....
Beading detail on long length a-line top and handkerchief hem skirt....

i am really enjoying being involved with Schwari, hope you enjoy looking at these images....
i would appreciate any feedback!

Lindsey xx

Thursday, 13 October 2011

hello everyone!

So, after a very long time i have found the time to blog again. I've managed to find time to read Witchmountain and Laurenchericedesigns blogs!  they both keep great ones, which are always worth reading.

well, life here in Tanzania, is very English-like this week. rainy, cold and dark. Rubbish!

Here's Gordon laying under the umbrella outside the house.

I was lucky enough a few weeks ago to be involved in some of the designing for Schwari Collectables. which is based here in Arusha, Tanzania. Schwari, was one of the collections to be part of Maridadi Fashion show at Arusha Hotel. the fashion show saw some beautiful designs for all over the world. it was also in support of a rape and sexual abuse crisis center, based in Tanzania, such a worthy cause as it supports so many needy people. 
here follows some imagery from Schwari which was on the catwalk.

the materials are all hand dyed, then beaded by clever Maasai girls who live locally. The 2010 collection last year was subdued colours so this year was quiet the turn around showing lovely brights. Hopefullt i managed to add a slight western touch to some of the designs??!

hopefully you'll enjoy looking at these pictures! let me know?! 
more as soon as possible! 


Monday, 5 September 2011

new *art* and days at work in Africa....

After working at the restaurant here, i've been going back to my house and creating canvas' to hang at work. now its time to blog about it as i'm taking the night off but might have to go in a minute as the watchman is bringing food for the dogs and it takes at least two of us to feed them because they fight all the time!

my new canvas' are inspired by florals and love, some have a mixture of paint and embroidery and while others are just one or the other....
these three are for the big back wall of the restaurant and the center one has a variety of beads from Josie-Rose, a great website for all sorts of things embroidery-wise in the uk!

there is one box framed one which is a complete embroidery, but it took so many hours to do i'm going to see if there any interest from buyers before i start on a new one!

i think the embroidery is my favorite. (and an update on the dog feeding antics....theres no food that i can bring for them tonight as the bar i'm buying it from has sold it already! but dont worry everyone,especially you, Annie Craston i'm cooking rice for them instead! Annie and Lauren stayed with me for a month, and the house is very much empty without them!)

in other news....
i've been creative at work too, painting blackboards and borders on the walls. what do you think??

and this little guy was hanging around outside today, just blending into the scenery. someone tried to whack it with a sweeping brush, but i stepped in. (hooray!)

i'd love to hear any comment you have about my work or otherwise!....

all these pictures and copyrighted to me so please don't copy them!
Copyright Lindsey Murray 2011

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

new work....fingers crossed i can sell it!

while i'm here in africa again, tanzania, east africa incase you didnt know....i'm doing some art and design stuff in a sparse free time to display in galleries across the city-thats the plan anyway!
here's an image of the sort of thing i've been up to so far.... and yeah i realise its terrible quality, but i was in a rush!....

(its still copyrighted though-so don't be pasting it anywhere!)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

i think i've been given an incentive....

This starling postcard dropped through the door this morning and reminded me of how only a year ago, we were off to New Designers ourselves in hope of fame and fortune! i can hardly believe that it was 12 months ago as so much has happened over the last year....

After i visited the CCAD degree show last thursday night i have been given a huge incentive to pick up some embroidery again. I really miss all the drawing, designing and making we got to do at college and i know a lot of others would agree with me but it has become hard to find the time. So this week i'm making a specail effort to create something new. if only i could stop going to work long enough to pay a visit to Kim on Witchmountain!! who by the way ahs a giveaway at the moment, what are you waiting for?! enter it!!

I'm having a bit of trouble with the image upload (again) so they're all at the top, sorry!!

By the time i finishe this new embroidery i want it to be as embelished as my degree work 2010....lets see if i have the patience again?

(all imagery and text copyright of Lindsey Murray 2011)