Thursday, 13 October 2011

hello everyone!

So, after a very long time i have found the time to blog again. I've managed to find time to read Witchmountain and Laurenchericedesigns blogs!  they both keep great ones, which are always worth reading.

well, life here in Tanzania, is very English-like this week. rainy, cold and dark. Rubbish!

Here's Gordon laying under the umbrella outside the house.

I was lucky enough a few weeks ago to be involved in some of the designing for Schwari Collectables. which is based here in Arusha, Tanzania. Schwari, was one of the collections to be part of Maridadi Fashion show at Arusha Hotel. the fashion show saw some beautiful designs for all over the world. it was also in support of a rape and sexual abuse crisis center, based in Tanzania, such a worthy cause as it supports so many needy people. 
here follows some imagery from Schwari which was on the catwalk.

the materials are all hand dyed, then beaded by clever Maasai girls who live locally. The 2010 collection last year was subdued colours so this year was quiet the turn around showing lovely brights. Hopefullt i managed to add a slight western touch to some of the designs??!

hopefully you'll enjoy looking at these pictures! let me know?! 
more as soon as possible! 



  1. Lindsey! Great Post! and that pic of gordon put a smile on my face! Bless him! Great Photo's of them designs! bet it was fab show! Lovely colours!, love and miss you lots! xxx

  2. asante sana laurens! i just designed more baby shoe and adult womenswear over the weekend, so that'll be in the shop soon too....

    lots of love xxxxx

  3. Thank you for plugging Witchmountain :0) I love all this stuff and would like to have it all please xxxxx