Monday, 5 September 2011

new *art* and days at work in Africa....

After working at the restaurant here, i've been going back to my house and creating canvas' to hang at work. now its time to blog about it as i'm taking the night off but might have to go in a minute as the watchman is bringing food for the dogs and it takes at least two of us to feed them because they fight all the time!

my new canvas' are inspired by florals and love, some have a mixture of paint and embroidery and while others are just one or the other....
these three are for the big back wall of the restaurant and the center one has a variety of beads from Josie-Rose, a great website for all sorts of things embroidery-wise in the uk!

there is one box framed one which is a complete embroidery, but it took so many hours to do i'm going to see if there any interest from buyers before i start on a new one!

i think the embroidery is my favorite. (and an update on the dog feeding antics....theres no food that i can bring for them tonight as the bar i'm buying it from has sold it already! but dont worry everyone,especially you, Annie Craston i'm cooking rice for them instead! Annie and Lauren stayed with me for a month, and the house is very much empty without them!)

in other news....
i've been creative at work too, painting blackboards and borders on the walls. what do you think??

and this little guy was hanging around outside today, just blending into the scenery. someone tried to whack it with a sweeping brush, but i stepped in. (hooray!)

i'd love to hear any comment you have about my work or otherwise!....

all these pictures and copyrighted to me so please don't copy them!
Copyright Lindsey Murray 2011


  1. Someones been busy. I see you got the embroidered one framed it looks marvellous! Keep up the good work :) xxxx

  2. The bit about the dogs made me chuckle! I feel privileged to have been there when you was getting creative :) Your blackboard looks very neat and square too. Missing you lots! Xxx

  3. Good to hear from you on here again. Like the look of the new stuff, especially that embroidere box-framed one - fantastic. x

  4. thanks very much everyone! this sunday i'm off to the boss' house to continue with/finalise the collection for a fashion show at the Arusha hotel on the 23rd. Yay! xx