Wednesday, 15 December 2010

out with the old....

it's just been too long since i wrote anything last. What with the snow (and serveral mishaps involving it) going back to College to have a day in the sewing room in return for some advice for the current third years (yeah right!) and designing freelance, its all been a bit hectic.... (i wish i'd bought that Benina sewing machine that was for sale when was at college whan i had the chance!!) third years, if any of you are reading this-sieze your chance and get your hands on one!!!
And most of all i'd love to post some pictures of what i've been designing, but i can't! you'll have to wait until at least a/w 2011 to go to the shops and see them....College was always banging on about mood boards, trend boards, current high street research and i don't think i ever realised just how relivant it all was until now. when my skills have been put into practice, so i am eternally grateful, especailly to the lecturer's, in particular-Claire Baker, who, by the way was also at Designers Marketplace selling tonnes of fantastic laser cut stuff.

As this post was going to lack images, here's a snowy scene from my mum's house to make this blog a bit more colourful.... And now it's nearly the end of the year, again, (not the best one i've ever experienced in some ways, but a great one in so many other respects) i am determined to give 2011 all i've got....

i recon, if i take a risk and it turns out good, well, whats not to like about that?

(all imagery/text is copyright of Lindsey Murray 2010)