Saturday, 24 July 2010

now on sale!!

Laser cutting design are now available on my ESTY shop. so, please take a look!! all designs are 100% unique and designed by ME! i will be taking a full range od earrings and brooches to Ireland in August when i go on a work placement there for two weeks, at a textiles studio.... there's to be an open studio exhibition, so i hope to sell out!

Love and peace.

(all designs, text and imagery are copyright of Lindsey murray 2010)

Thursday, 22 July 2010

crazy laser cutting days....

Well, it's been a hetic two weeks at my work placement, Zap! creations, in middlesbrough. i've learnt a tonne of new things and have been lucky enough to design and cut some designs of my own, which i will take with me to Ireland in August to hopefully sell at my work placement there....we will see....the laser cut range of earrings, brooches and hair accessories will be available on my ETSY shop from this weekend, so keep at eye out! here's a taster of SOME of the designs so far....(including the bottom item which are the tiny cute earrings!).... The designs are made from acrylic and some are eco friendly and are 100% recycled cardboard, i have to say, it'd those ones that are my favourties!

thanks for reading, more coming sooon....

Love & peace

(please note, all imagery, designs and text are strictly copyright of Lindsey Murray 2010)

Saturday, 17 July 2010

golden oldies....

i have just come accross some old photos from college and the final parts of final major project, including the places where i was making all the designs at the time; so thought i'd just put them up....

(all images/text copyrighted by Lindsey Murray2010)

Thursday, 15 July 2010

new beginnings....

After all the excitment that was New Designers i feel so back to 'normal' now, i'm wondering if it ever happened?!! i'm currently doing a 2week intership at Zap Creatives in Middlesbrough to gain more knowledge on laser's very very interesting and i drew up some designs of my own today to be experimented with later, so watch my ETSY shop for the actual products! there's nothing specific that i'm basing the laser products on really, just love and my doodles!!

I did want to just use cardboard to cut out on, but after seeing how many coloured acrylics there are at Zap i just know i want to try them all!

Other things i've been doing are buying too many second hand books from amazon and reading into the small hours....i'm about halfway through 'the last maasai warrior' and it has been fantastic so far....

As always though, i am really wanting to return home to Tanzania.... September is when i'm able to go again. i cannot tell you how happy i'll be!
I'm still following up a couple of New Designers work, so fingers crossed i can get some freelance work before Tanzania to make some money!
(Please note, all text and images copyright of Lindsey Murray 2010)

Monday, 5 July 2010

new designers success!

After a week at New Designers, and getting home far too late last night, normality has started again and i don't like it! i was quite enjoying the crazyness of London tank you very much!!

here's a quick over view of my week....if you're interested??

Monday-arrived and dropped off ALL exhibition stuff to ND's. after sitting between carriages all the way to London on the train because two old ladies were in our seats.

Tuesday-put whole show up, very long day and everyone was so tired. But it went pretty well....
Wednesday-12 hours at the exhibition, press and awards day too. well done to everyone who won something! and then the after party at Pitcher and Piano with the worlds best DJ. undesputed!

Thursday-saw a basso & brooke exhibition at the design center before strolling around London town. Got called into ND even tough it was my day off to show my work to a potential employer. saw The Lion King in the evening at the Lyceum theatre, of course- i cried at the beginning!!

Friday-working on the stand at ND's all day, out for drinks in the evening with fellow graduates. and got to show my portfolio to another guy who is interesting in maybe employing me! very exciting!

Saturday-Camden Lock Market baby!! was visually amazing! then managed to swing some tickets for Jersey boys this evening, whilst walking to the theatre through Gay Pride celebration!

Sunday-working all day at ND's again, before pulling the whole show down and hot footing it to the train station at 9pm to come home....

What a Week!

(please note, all images/designs are copyright of Lindsey Murray 2010)