Monday, 30 November 2009

Well, i told you it would be a productive day....i finished a sixth collection....hooray!

I also painted a canvas, the concept behind it is the pure abandon that comes from been the looser in a relationship....i have tried to express how it feels to give everything you have to someone, only for them to smash your world and leave you, thinking of what could've been and the awful emptiness they've left behind them....i've written very small feelings within the painting too, how they change from the beginning to the end of a relatioship....i'm sure you've all felt like this at some point??


  1. this is really neat!

    p.s. it has been from my experience that so long as each person takes something valuable from each relationship, then there is no loser. of course, there will always be that one person who hurts more than the other, but still no loser.

  2. i just read this!! so nice of you to say so....i was REALLY low at this point, but have since been slowly recoving! x