Wednesday, 6 October 2010

arusha, africa, and Lake Natron....

How very inspirational Tanzania is becoming at the moment!! i've spent the last few days in Lake Natron visiting the beautiful waterfalls and the Lake itself, observing flamingos and other wildlife. at the edge of the rift valley the views were really spectacular and have given me plenty of ideas for new art work when i return to england in November....

Once back in the UK i have an embroidery workshop to run as well as featuring with Kim Tillyer of Witchmountain at the Designers Marketplace in middlesbrough on the 22nd November!....

the exhibition at TS1 Gallery is due to come down this week, but they took a lot of my jewellry collection to sell in the shop so you never know, thay might owe me money when i get back!!

these pictures are of Oldonyo Lengai in the rift Valley, (the beautiful mountain) and also the amazing waterfall, as well as a view on my way to the Lake!
are you jealous??!


  1. Hi Lindsey, your photo's are heavenly, such a beautiful place, am hoping to come to that workshop on Sat, what time is it on from/until and where ? didn't get the full details sent to me, thank you
    Jayne x