Saturday, 11 June 2011

all new things....

So today i went to Ripley Castle to the creative dezigns summer sale. lots of lovely stands selling handmade things from clothes to jewellry, and all in the beautiful setting of Ripley Castle.... i was particulary taken with the stand from Lime Tree Design who had some great prints. amongst others i really liked Sophie Likes too, some great little painted and glazed porcelaine buttons for special touches here and there were the nicest things.... the event runs until this sunday.

last thursday, i went to ccad degree show opening night and was wowed by the work-possibly it gave my own graduating year a run for its money! the most outstanding things were from Anni Craston, Lauren Cherice and anni and lauren will both come over to join me in Tanzania to volunteer their time as teachers this summer as part of the Touch Africa Adventures team. see their blogs via the links....

I was lucky enough to have a link of mine shared by lovely friend and fellow artist, Kim Tillyer this week too from Witchmountain, hopefully next week i'll have time to visit her and create some masterpieces!

there'll be pictures of my time at Ripley as soon as i work out how to get them from phone to computer!

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  1. Hello, Sorry we must of missed you on the night! Glad you enjoyed it! Not long now, we are looking at flights so will keep you posted :)