Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Romance? yes please!

I recieved a lovely message from Katy Howieson via facebook when i got home tonight, she creates beautiful accessories with a vintage feel and they are wonderful! make sure you check out her blog and ESTY shop too. She was kind enough to use one of my laser cut brooch images in her latest wedding moodboard, i think you'll agree, it is lovely lovely lovely!

I was also kindly taken out for dinner tonight by a very nice friend, so should be fully rested and energised for tomorrows brooch making session in preparation for Ireland in a couple of weeks. Infact the brooch making might just have to be squashed into the morning as i am hoping to go swimming to Hemsley outdoor pool with my friend Kim, from Witchmountain.... she's busy designing and making at the moment too, i saw a beautiful little girls t shirt she had made the other day, it was sooo adorable!

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  1. Did you end up going to the out door pool? What was it like? Hope you're having much success in Ireland xxxx