Tuesday, 17 August 2010

top of the mornin' to ya!

Ok so pardon the pun regarding the Irish please! everyone here is lovely! I'm in Waterford, southern Ireland, and yes, that is where they make the crystal before you even ask....

For the next two weeks, i am working as part of the Workhouse Studio team in Kilmacthomas they are a team of 6 designers who produce jewlery and beautiful products, check my link....

here's the info poster that i've seen one to many of today!!

Today i spent the day putting up signs to advertise an open day the studio is having a week on saturday, 28th August 2010 this is when i'll get to exhibit my designs in laser cutting i did on my preivious work placement at Zap Creatives, Middlesbrough, N.E England....hooray finally!!
here's a very small selection below....

I'm heading up to West Port on thursday to spend the night there and attend an exclusive opening night of some of the Workhouse studio's designers work.... so that should be exciting! i'm trying my best to take photo's to fill me full of inspiration but am always too busy gawking around or talking to remember....ah well!!
love and peace guys x

(all ideas, imagery and text copyright of Lindsey Murray 2010)

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