Saturday, 7 August 2010

sales, an extremely rare night out and Africa....

So, i feel as if we haven't spoken for a long while, even though it can't be that long, surely? well anyway, i just thougth i'd let you know that i've had a little success this week, i have passed my first exam for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and have made a private sale on ETSY! yay! this is the item below....It's hand dyed cotton and silk, (by me!) machine embroidered and hand beaded, it took some hours i can tell you! it depicts a carousel horse leaping into the air....

Last weekend went down nicely too, with a busy saturday night at work, followed by a trip to the local club with lovely friends and dancing until the early hours....

(''i think i'm going to go to bed, the sun has just come up!....'')

oh, it looks a bit packed here doesn't it? i abandoned this part of the club and escaped upstairs to a R&B night. excellent news.

Last weekend my artistic friend from witchmountain also made an ETSY sale, and has MANY more lovely things for you all to fall in love with.
Africa is also on the carsds again, see you soon, Tanzania!

and, no, that is not a baby bump you see, it is in fact my bag before another person tells me i look pregnant!

(all images and text copyright of Lindsey Murray 2010)

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